The official start of our GAPS journey

I can’t believe we are finally here, our official start date to GAPS.  For the last month we have been working towards getting ready by eliminating all the other gluten-free grains, all forms of sugar but honey and zero forms of dairy including ghee.  I honestly am so shocked and amazed that we made it through the Christmas holiday season.  I already feel accomplished and we haven’t even begun GAPS! I have to say that the holiday season definitely didn’t feel the same without some of the cookie baking traditions we are used to. But I know the kids really had no idea what they missed out on.  And of course my hope is that we will get back to that one day.  I did try a popular Paleo cookbook version of sugar cookies with modifications of coconut oil and honey.  But honestly, they were terrible.  And for the record, this cookbook has really amazing recipes..  It’s not a knock against the recipe or author, it’s that I changed it and secondly I just think it’s just pretty hard to replicate a grain free sugar cookie that is GAPS compliant.  Anyway, it was fine and the kids had a good time.  So that’s all that mattered.

But back to our start.  I have spent the last couple of days prepping for our start.  I am kind of nervous because I don’t want to mess up.  I also want to be prepared if I need something on the fly. The kids have been so good about adapting even eagerly drinking their meat stocks daily.  But I am scared out of my mind that one day they are just going to start freaking out on me and what if I can’t handle the emotion.  I already feel so much guilt that we are having to do this.  But I know that this is the only way to help Parker.  And I want so desperately for him to get better.  His skin issues have already made so much progress. I’m so hopeful that his eczema will completely clear up and that his skin pigmentation will come back. I just want him to be ABLE to do normal childhood activities and participate in anything that includes food. I know we will always be a gluten-free family, but I so hope we will get back to a place of other gluten-free grains again and cheese. I really, really hope cheese so we can do pizza again! I have to keep in mind this is not forever, but then again, maybe a Paleo diet might be.  I have no idea what will happen, but I know if we don’t try I will always question the what ifs.

My first order of business was making my staple pantry items like flour and nut butter.  I soaked and then dehydrated my nuts before turning into flour/butter.  The cashew butter I made by adding soaked dates and wow! It kind of taste ike cookie dough!  I’m pretty excited about using it.  I mean, I’ve got to find something to get excited about!

Next I used some of the almond flour to make crackers and cookies.  I stored the cookies in the freezer so I will have something on hand when the kids need a substitution for school or a party.  The cracker recipe was from the cookbook Heal Your Gut and they turned out great.  The cookies were a concoction I made up and hope to recreate because they were so good! I need to try again and write down a measurable recipe.  I’m so bad about throwing stuff together and then I don’t know how to replicate!!

Next,  I made some cashew yogurt.  They kids love this and it’s been something I’ve made for them for a while now. I need to change up the milk I use to coconut or almond, but for the sake of simplicity I just went with the easiest route. I also have the store bought brand Ancient Awakenings Coconut Kefir that is GAPS approved.  They aren’t crazy over it but will eat it.  So I just plan to switch it up.


I use this yogurt maker and use AAG’s recipe for homemade yogurt. It’s super easy to do.  I just got an Instant Pot so I will have to give it a try in that as well.

Next I made gummies and trail mix.  The gummies are so easy to make but I used a glass pyrex dish instead of putting them in molds or even cutting out shapes.  I don’t have time for that! The trail mix has soaked and dehydrated nuts, banana chips, apple chips, coconut flakes and raisins.  All unsweetened and approved ingredients.

I do have a small stash of on the go snacks we can use like Bare Fruit Chips, Epic brand Pork Skins and GoRaw brand snacks. All can be bought on Amazon, which is a win! I also have this amazing and easy recipe to use when we are all in desperation for a treat.  Click here for the recipe. These will truly make you a believer in a grain free dairy free brownie!


So now it’s time to get started. I pray every day that this will help Parker, that the kids will be willing to eat the foods set before them and that God will use our journey for His good!