Author: The Allergy Free Family

2 tbs olive oil
3 minced garlic bulbs
1 large onion – diced
3 large celery stalks – diced
1 red bell pepper – diced
1 green bell pepper – diced
28 oz diced tomatoes
3 cups meat stock or bone broth
3 cups shredded chicken – cooked
3 cups shrimp – raw
3 bay leaves
3 tbs cajun seasoning*
salt to taste

Heat oil in a skillet. Add garlic, onion and celery. On medium heat, sauté 5 or so minutes until onions start to turn translucent. Next add bell peppers and continue to sauté for an additional 5-7 minutes. In a large stock pot, add the sautéed veggies and all the other remaining ingredients except the shrimp. Bring to a boil. Once boiling turn down to a low simmer, add the shrimp, and let cook 15 minutes. Next turn off heat and let the jambalaya sit for an additional 10 minutes to rest so to speak. Serve over cauliflower rice.

Diced okra and andouille sausage would also be a nice addition to this.

Note on the seasoning, this can be variable depending on what brand you buy. You may need more or less depending on how strong the kick of the spices.