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The story starts with me and my love for food. I enjoy cooking, entertaining, and serving others with food as a show of love. Cooking is my love language! I’ve never had a real knowledge or appreciation for nutrition though. I just wanted to eat and serve food that tasted good not really understanding all the implications of what we put in our body. For the majority of my life that has worked, but after having our first child, Parker, my body changed very drastically. I delved into learning about nutrition, and the way I cook now has dramatically changed because of this. As I was learning about how to eat whole unprocessed foods, I thought was doing the right things, but yet I never felt all that great. And after we experienced multiple miscarriages while trying for a second child, I knew something wasn’t right. Through the help of an Integrative Doctor as well as the help of my OBGYN, I found that I had several food allergies, the start of an underlying autoimmune disease, and genetic mutation that plays a huge part in how my body works. Through trial and error I have found that I feel and function best when focusing on an anti-inflammatory/modified paleo diet.

For a while I was just focusing on doing an anti-inflammatory diet for myself, but then my son Parker, who was 4 at the time, started having tummy issues. He complained of his tummy hurting quite often after he ate.  Also, his eczema that he’s had since a baby had flared up to a point that couldn’t be controlled.  Because of my history, we took him to be food allergy tested. Sure enough, gluten and dairy were his big triggers. For an entire year we were gluten free and mostly dairy free with the exception of occasional cheese. Everything seemed to be going well until we hit the summer months and all his issues from the previous summer came back to light.  I was confused, defeated, and unsure of what to do.  After much research we decided to do the GAPS diet as a family to see if we could help my son’s immune system.

This page is dedicated to our journey living life with food allergies and navigating the GAPS diet.  As we take two steps forward, sometimes we take a step back.  It will always be a work in progress, trial and error, live and learn.  We greatly appreciate any support and positive feedback. We hope our stories, tips, tricks, and recipes will offer inspiration and maybe even learn a little from what we are doing.


The Barnes Family

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~ Jennifer Barnes

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